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I’ve loved photography since I was a small child. Having grown up with a father who was an avid and skilled photographer, photography was knocked into me – quite literally!! -When I was the same height as many of my Dad’s Nikon camera’s swinging from his neck, very close to my head!

I started with old compact film cameras and then got to experience early digital compacts before moving to a number of different digital cameras and amateur SLR’s. In 2019, I decided it was about time I finally invested in professional camera equipment to be able to take my photography and videography to the next level – which I have.

Working for businesses with corporate shoots, wedding filming, podcast filming and PR photography as well as vodcast’s and interview filming – I embrace my love of cameras and photography with dynamic and different projects.

I’m based in near Reading, but I’m also happy to travel to new and different locations for work.

Never leave home without a camera!

Especially triggered by the Coronavirus Lockdown in 2020, I challenged myself to find more natural subjects to photograph in natural areas around me. Of course this taught me that you should never leave home without a camera! You never know when you’ll find a subject or a beautiful shot.

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